1 June 1998: Welcome to the new and improved Basement Brats site - now known as "The Basement Brats Museum"!

Being out of the band, I naturally didn't feel too motivated to keep putting in as much work with these pages as I used to. I kept updating them a little bit, though, and put up some more new stuff - on a very infrequent basis. Last summer I set about redoing the whole site, turning it into a "museum" of my time with the band.

Suddenly I got a real job, though (with Yahoo! Norway, by the way), and this was not what I most wanted to spend my few hours off work doing. So the unfinished pages have been on my hard disk until now, when I've finally had a bit of time to work with them.

Even the counter on the front page is updated - but for reference I might mention that the previous incarnations of the pages had almost exactly 3,000 visits (visits, not page views, mind you) since the first counter was set up on 27 Jan 1996...

Okay, what's still to come here, then? Well, some of the things I'm working on include a rather large collection of my private photos from the days of the Basement Brats (currently being scanned), more reviews and articles and more documentation of the history of the band. Besides that, I'll continue updating the pages as I have time. Don't expect the changes to be very frequent, though.

Oh, by the way, as you can see, I've kept the old entries of this page here below. Just for fun, really. As files have moved around and been reorganized, though, I've removed the links from the text.

I hope you'll enjoy your visit!

Historical entries:

29 January 1997: I have continued working on the pages since the last entry and made various minor changes and additions. The most important addition since last we spoke is my diary of the fatal Bratbeat Tour '96. And, oh yes, I've changed the front page photo back to the press photo '95 again, both because of the release of the "Curse of the Brats" album and because the "Bratbeat photos" give me bad memories...

More to come: I'm gonna add a lot of my private photos besides other material before I'll leave these pages to meet their doom. See you!

30 October 1996: I've finally reconverted (and updated) the split FAQ to HTML format and put it up here. Read all about it, ladies and gentlemen! I also finally put up a guest book (perhaps a bit late, eh?) some days ago, and I'm impatiently waiting for some entries...

21 October 1996: Well, since the last entry here, I have definitely thought twice about removing the black background colours. I think that under the circumstances, a black background colour might actually not be such a bad idea...

I haven't done a lot with these pages since I was fired. As mentioned a couple of other places, that's both because I've been busy with other things (like work and my new band, Dammit) and because I don't really feel like working that much for a band that kicked me out. But I'm doing a little bit every now and then (quite a lot this evening, acutally), and I will continue adding things that has do to with the five and half years I was in the band.

A FAQ about how I was fired is on its way. A couple of links to it are already up. :-) Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the HTML code for the file, so I have to do it again first.

1 May 1996: Added more old and new reviews of both records and concerts. More to come. Started removing the black background colour.

7-8 February 1996: A new front page, replacing the old photo, which replaced the older one. Added the lyrics for "The Bratbeat", for which I also made a discography entry for the coming LP edition. Also updated the press release again, and added a page for the Bratbeat photos. Also made several other minor updates and fixes. A couple of things not previously mentioned here are the links page which I added some time ago, and the essay I wrote for the 24 Hours of Democracy project.

19 February 1996: Removed the old songs from the samples page and put up new ones from the Bratbeat album. No doubt there will be pointers to the old songs floating around that won't work (I'm sure there are a few on this page too), but I don't have time to look for them right now...

8 February 1996: Worked on the Photo Gallery.

1 February 1996: Added Bratbeat to the disography listing.

27 January 1996: Added a couple of reviews for the R.Ø.L.P. album. In Norwegian, though, but quite enjoyable for those of us who read the language. :-) Also added the user counter.

16-23 January 1996: Work has prohibited me from working too much on these pages for some months, but finally I got the bright idea of bringing the files along with me to work and working on them there when I have a minute or two to spare. So, in the course of several minutes over these several days, I've made several changes. For a start, I've cleaned up the HTML code on at least most of the pages, I changed the cover photo, I added quite a few new photos, updated the discography etc., changed the lyrics page and added the lyrics for the Shining Down single, put in the interview from the e-zine Cosmik Debris, the latest news and several other more minor changes. Have a look around!

25 October 1995: Added the News from the Basement page with information about what's happening to the band. Also did other minor corrections, such as my address (mail and snail).

29 June 1995: Finally updated the press release.

11 June 1995: Added yet another song to the samples page. TONO probably won't like it... :-)

23 May 1995: Almost a month has passed with not much more than minor editing of these pages, due to a couple of exams and work with my project and shit like that. But now I have finally done something, namely updated the samples page and added a new song ("Weird Boy", from the "Tales From The Basement" mini album) - plus a little rant about TONO's ambitions to inhibit composers' and musicians' ability to advertise their music through samples on the Internet. I have also moved the sound files to my account on Frodo to lift some weight off the shoulders of this account. Be aware, though, that Frodo is a Linux server run by the students for the student, so it may not always be up or be stable. I plan to further modify the song samples page to give it sort of a shape of a kind of Basement Brats sort of compilation album on the Web.

28 Apr 1995: Added a new front page to the home page, sort of, and an illustration to the press releases.

26 Apr 1995: I've now scanned several more photos, like this additional one in the Classics section, some passport style photos in the Blast-Off section, and a few scans of newspaper clippings.

25 Apr 1995: The first official Basement Brats press photo is now scanned and put up here.

10 Apr 1995: Added a thumbnail page for the Photo Gallery and the possibility to load one specific picture at a time.

3 Apr 1995: Added this history/"What's New?" page.

31 Mar 1995: Put up an additional two photos, a couple of press releases and lots of reviews (mostly in Norwegian though, simply because we don't have that many in English). "Version 1.0" of the page can now be considered finished.

29 March 1995: The page is up! During these initial six or seven hours of development on the page, I manged to put up quite a little bit of material (besides organizing it), namely the discography, the lyrics, the Belgian interview, the MRR review of "Blast-Off", two songs (and a link to another) and three pictures. There's still a bit left to put up to be satisfied with this first edition of the page, but this will work for a couple of days...

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