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Internet Cencorship

By Magnum, olemo@online.no.

One of the most important and unique things about the Internet, to me, is the "inter" part of the name: it's an international thing, countless thousands of networks and millions of people all around the world in a way never before witnessed.

Myself, I had Internet access several years before the Internet suddenly became a "fad" that everybody was getting into (or onto). I've gotten used to the freedom there - in my opinion a kind of freedom also never before witnessed.

When the Internet suddenly got popular, I was thrilled (despite occasionally being annoyed by the fact that access to various FTP sites slowed to a crawl some times). I could suddenly get in touch with a hold lot more people without using those dreadful phones, and I could spread some information about the band I'm in - besides getting access to a whole lot more information than before, when only students and computer related companies seemed to be on the net.

Now I find myself wishing the Internet had never gotten that popular, 'cause obviously that meant that the politicians also found out about it - as well as other forces that long to control our minds.

Some Americans - including some American politicians - often seem to forget that there's a world outside the United States as well. The Internet is international! Passing Internet cencorship laws in the U.S. will not really "help" that much, unless they can somehow force those laws on the rest of the world as well. But it will make life a bit more miserable for both Americans and the rest of the world.

I and the Basement Brats are strongly opposed to any kind of cencorship and attempts to control our minds and lives. The U.S. authorities can play communists as much as they want - we won't surrender. And despite the fact the "black web pages" campaign was originally only supposed to last for two days, we will be keeping our pages black until the Internet is once again free from the smelly hands of the Thought Police.

CencorSHIT: Just say NO!