The shield is down, I'm roaming 'round
Don't make a sound till I'm out of town
The sun is scared and staying low
I've got a six-gun shooter ready to blow
I've got a furious jaguar at my side
You're caught in my web, come along for the ride

You don't know me, you don't my ways
Impact, gonna blow up in your face

Soaked with tears for fifty years
It all clears after fifteen bears
Sick and tired of messing about
I'm gonna stand right up and scream and shout
I'm a comet blowing right in your face
I'm the legendary mental case

You won't see me, baby, you're too blind
Impact, gonna blow your mind



Time is up, I'm coming down
Hope you're there for the final round
Don't tried to hide your fears
Halo of flies around your ears
Nowhere to run, you're stuck in my web
The comet's closing in on

You don't know it's only in your head
Impact, gonna see you dead

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